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Unleash Your Confidence through

Digital Personal Shopping & Styling

for the Modern Woman

Digital  Trend Report


Be in the know on this season's hottest trends. 


What is digital styling & personal shopping...

... and is it for me?

Everything is becoming digital; new technology has evolved in shopping, communication, and marketing. SB Styling has developed a digital experiential personal shopping and styling platform to help empower women. Based on our client’s body shape, style preferences and lifestyle, we will determine the most appropriate wardrobe choices and most importantly, how to style them together.

I know you're probably thinking it must cost a fortune to get this type of support or that only celebrities have personal stylists... but that is simply not true!

You will benefit from having a personal shopping & stylist if:

1. You struggle styling outfits together

2. You are unsure of your personal style and want to reinvent yourself

3. You are looking to save time and money

4. You want to feel more confident in your clothing

5. You are unsure of the latest trends and want to be informed


Are you tired of feeling lost inside your own closet and ready to confidently curate outfits? 

the petite shop


A mini version of The Standard Shop, this one-time service will not only freshen up your wardrobe, but also give you a good look at what it's like to work with a personal stylist/ shopper!

the standard shop


The perfect starter package that will give us 3 months together to define

your style and shop desired

looks for all occasions from

day to night.

the fundamental shop


A step-up from The Standard Shop,

this is the ultimate styling and shopping experience if you’re looking for a full-time fashion support system

for either 6 or 12 months.

the bridal shop


This package gives you the opportunity to define your bridal style and have another set of eyes on all your important outfit decisions - from the day you say 'YES!' until the day you say 'I DO!'.

"The style presentation was so creative! I loved all the styles notes because my biggest problem is I have tons of clothes and never know how to put them together, this is so helpful. I was so inspired by the looks you put together."

- Claudia D.

“I love the style selection! There are so many styles that caught my eye, and I really love the notes that you’ve included because it really helps me with choosing my options."

- Jessica K.




Growing up, I was known as the little girl who changed her outfit 50 times a day. My Preschool teachers were in awe of my self-proclaimed ensembles. I learned very early on that style is important and a different outfit was necessary for every occasion. Fast forward to a decade of unequivocal experience in the fashion industry, with a bittersweet career transition that ultimately lead to the creation of Stacie Blair Styling in early 2020.

Being a personal shopper & stylist gives me the incredible opportunity to share a part of

me that I am so passionate about. Whether you’re stepping into your closet to put

together an outfit or stepping out of it feeling like a queen, my goal is to ensure you feel

empowered and confident every step of the way.

Through integrative digital shopping and styling experiences, SB Styling will curate your unique

personal style, build out your wardrobe to reflect the powerful woman that you are, set

up systems for when you’re styling outfits on your own, and above all, make sure that

you feel like the best version of yourself at all times.

Welcome to the Stacie Blair Styling experience, let’s get styling.

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