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Frequently Asked Questions

1) How does a digital personal shopping session work?

Everything is digital! We will communicate via video chat and Voxer, all shopping is completed online, and all tools and reports will be available digitally on your smartphone, tablet or computer.

2) What is a virtual consultation?

We will get to know each other via video chat – I will share more about myprocess and you can share with me your wardrobe goals, your shopping struggles and together we will come up with a plan to help you feel more confident in your closet.

3) Do you have a payment plan?

For The Standard Shop, Fundamental Shop, and Bridal Shop clients are able to pay in full or at the beginning of each month via automatic payments.

4) How do I pay for my service and what forms of payment do you accept?
Payment can be made by Visa, Mastercard, American Express, JCB, Diner’s Club or Paypal via Invoice provided by SB Styling. 

5) What is Voxer Support?

You will have access to unlimited stylist support for a specified time frame (depending on your plan) via Voxer, a walkie talkie messaging app that features secure, real-time communication. Whether you need help prepping for date night or choosing an outfit for an interview, SB Styling will be available for any style questions that may arise.

6) How do I download Voxer?

SB Styling will send you an invitation to join. You will then download the app and have unlimited access to stylist support per the duration of your plan.

7) What is a SB Style Sheet?

In preparation for your shop, SB Styling will prepare a detailed style sheet that includes images, product details, retail price and styling notes with clickable links for a seamless shopping experience.

8) What if I prefer to use your personal shopping services in person?

Our focus is on digital, however if you reside in Michigan, we would be happy to work with you in person for any of our listed services.

9) What is included in the trend report?

The Trend report includes color, style and print trends from the Runway with shoppable styles and SB’s picks.

10) How will I receive the trend report?

Starting in Holiday, if you purchase a one-time report, you will be able to download the Report automatically once you submit your payment. If you have chosen a year subscription, you will receive the report the first week of February, May, July and October.

11) Are you able to complete the checkout process while shopping for me?

All plans, with the exception of The Petite Shop, have the option of SB Styling to complete the checkout process.

12) I am interested in using your services, how do I contact you?

Feel free to set up a time to chat here or send me an email to discuss further!

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